A compact dishwasher to save space in the kitchen

A compact dishwasher to save space in the kitchen

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To save space in the kitchen, simply reduce the size of the household appliances. So if you are short on space or just a few, choose a compact dishwasher. Here is our small shopping selection for less than 500 euros.

Modern and colorful dishwashers

On a work surface or hidden in a cabinet, the compact dishwasher is a true ally of small spaces with its size equivalent to that of a microwave. The compact dishwasher has a capacity of 6 place settings, but there are also models called "space saving", which have the shape of a traditional device with a smaller width and a moderate size. The Beko model can hold up to 10 place settings. In terms of design, their line is quite refined and few models are out of the ordinary. However, the brands Oceanic and Klarstein Amazonia offer compact red or black dishwashers, which can be adapted to kitchens with contemporary decor.

The allies of your wallet

Another advantage of these mini dishwashers: they allow real savings. Due to their reduced capacity, they consume less water and consume little energy. On the performance side, however, they have nothing to envy the big guys. The Indesit model or the mini Siemens, the latest of its kind, compete in power and efficiency with conventional dishwashers. Also on the price side, since the prices between 200 € and 350 € are the same as for a standard size model.
1. Mini Amazonia dishwasher from Klarstein € 244.99 at Cdiscount / 2. Mini Siemens dishwasher € 328.99 from Fnac / 3. Compact Oceanic dishwasher € 169.99 from Cdiscount / 4. Dishwasher compact Indesit 309 € at Auchan / 5. Dishwasher space saving Beko 279.99 € at BUT / 6. Compact dishwasher Far 199 € at Conforama 7. Dishwasher Bosch 487.49 at Webdistrib.