Around paper: zoom on the hole punches

Around paper: zoom on the hole punches

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Here is a tool that fans of scrapbooking and card making can hardly do without ... We have all used hole punches to make small round holes in our school sheets but there are actually a multitude of these tools that can do all sort of patterns more beautiful than each other. This is why we use them a lot in creative hobbies. Zoom on this small essential tool for working on paper.

The classic multi-shape hole punches.

Make holes, okay, but decorative holes! This is why, you will find forms of all kinds and for all themes: birth, marriage, Valentine's Day, birthdays, holidays, family, animals, plants ... You will find very many forms, which will allow you to make pretty patterns holes on your cards but also to reuse the famous perforated forms as embellishments to stick on your supports.

The corner angle punches

Even more clever, the corner and border punches will make your life easier when you want to embellish the edge of your cards. No more cards with stupidly straight edges: you can make pretty decorative friezes and make round angles or even worked like placemats.

Window punches.

One of the limits of the perforators is the fact that one can hardly move away from the edge of the sheet to perforate. Making a decorative hole in the center of the card is difficult at first glance… But that's without counting the hole punches, made up of several independent elements, which will allow you to position your tool wherever you want on your sheet so to make all kinds of windows.

3D hole punches

They will allow you to rub with the technique of kirigami without the constraint of the precision necessary for this art so meticulous ... In short, the perforator will cut out certain contours of the form on paper ... but not all the contours! In the end your shape will only be partially cut out and you can bring out a part of it in 3D by folding the paper. This technique is particularly suitable for making butterflies on cards and showing only their wings in 3D!

Punchers that emboss

Another variation of the classic hole punch that will allow you to punch a pattern at the same time (or almost) that you will give it relief (we speak of embossing). Another technique to embellish your scrap pages or cards! And now, all your punches!