Tutorial: make a message sweatshirt

Tutorial: make a message sweatshirt

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DIY, design, fashion, Beautyarchi is a blog that touches everything, like Géraldine, its author, a young architect passionate about fashion. On her site, she shares her love of fashion and her pretty creative ideas. Today, we find it for a trendy tutorial, making a personalized message sweatshirt.


You will need: - a sweatshirt (this one comes from h & m) - news: 739845 liberty fabric - news: 739845 iron-on fabric - Canson paper - a spray of iron-on glue - pins - sewing scissors - a iron.


1. Print your letters and transfer them to Canson paper to make your templates, if you want to use the same model as in the example, here is the news: 739839 pattern:
2. Choose the fabrics of your choice for each letter, cut a rectangle a little larger than the letter and fix the fusible fabric on the back, using the iron. Then transfer the letter templates on the stiffened fabrics and cut them out. 3. Place the letters on your sweatshirt, paying attention to the positioning and spacing (you can print another news item: 739839 pattern to guide you in this step). Place a few pins or a colored wire as a guide. 4. Spray the glue on the back of the first letter and put it back. Place an actu: 739845 protective fabric over it and leave the iron on for about 45 seconds. Repeat with the other letters. You can also embroider the outline of the letters, or alternatively, draw it with an indelible marker


If as in the example, you want to use several fabrics for the same letter: - cut the entire letter in a first news: 739845 fabric - cut a part of the letter in a second news: 739845 fabric - spray the glue on the back of this part - place the small part on the entire letter (protected by an actu: 739845 fabric) and leave the iron on for about 45 seconds (repeat these last three steps if you want to have a letter made up of three fabrics).


And There you go ! A personalized sweatshirt to express all your thoughts and ideas with a message to wear!
Thanks to Géraldine for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your personalized sweatshirts on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!