Guinguette atmosphere in the garden

Guinguette atmosphere in the garden

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More convivial, more festive, something retro: the garden is adorned with a thousand colors and has a tavern atmosphere. Because if this style is among the current trends in terms of interior design, garden, terrace and around the pool is no exception. Lighting the outdoor space is essential to create a tavern atmosphere and make barbecues and garden parties more attractive than ever.

Spotlight on lighting for a tavern style garden

From sunset, to bring magic to a tavern garden, lighting is a must. The parasol is fitted with LED lamps while the garlands with colored bulbs transform the outdoor space: to hang from the trees, all around the terrace, on the wall of the house. Obviously, we opt for economical and mercury-free bulbs. Indispensable too, solar lighting creates a tavern atmosphere in the garden while saving energy. These eco-friendly lamps are available in a multitude of models, allowing everyone to create an original outdoor decor. Solar bollards can mark the exterior accesses, the edge of the pool, an old stone wall, while the solar mobiles illuminate the trees and the arbor or pergola. To add to the magic, some solar lanterns and red tealight holders will be placed on the table.

Photo credits: Delamaison / Ikea

Guinguette and red gingham spirit

The family garden is transformed into a retro place evoking popular balls. Highly symbolic of these festive moments, red gingham is everywhere: checkered tablecloths on the outdoor tables with a table runner in white lace or burlap, towels, cushion covers to put on the swing or even covers chairs with small or large tiles. Likewise, pitchers, salt shakers, pepper shakers, vases and other accessories are adorned with a very warm bright red. We choose a rustic white tableware with red border, and so that children can quietly sip their favorite drink, we make available red and white straws. Finally, the guinguette spirit in the garden also highlights natural materials: we opt for bread and fruit baskets nicely garnished with red and white gingham fabric.

Photo credit: La Redoute

A guinguette-style aquatic area

If the garden contains a swimming pool, why not give this aquatic space the look of yesteryear by drawing inspiration from the taverns on the banks of the Marne? Again, there is an increasing number of outdoor lights: garlands, ball lamps, solar beacons that are both reassuring and full of magic. Without forgetting the floating solar lamps to liven up the surface of the water with a thousand and one reflections.

Photo credit: Flatball

We opt for garden furniture in a light and colorful metal tavern: folding chairs, bistro tables are to be scattered all around the pool. You can also set up a tent under which the guests will take their places in order to dine and dance sheltered from the chill. For the decor, we choose authentic materials and full of simplicity: linen panels held in place by red cords, burlap table runners, bouquets of wildflowers to hang or lay are very representative details of the atmosphere tavern.

Photo credit: Blachere