Tutorial: how to create a unique cushion cover?

Tutorial: how to create a unique cushion cover?

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Clothing, customization or furnishings, Laissons Lucie Faire is a haven for little girls! At 26, Lucie discovered a passion for sewing and decided to share it by creating a blog. She did well, since her creations are full of charm and good ideas! Today, we find it for a very simple tutorial, a removable cushion cover.


You will need: - news: 739845 Turquoise tulip Sew-Be-Do fabric. - Sew-Be-Do piping tape. - YKK zipper - a sewing machine


1. Measure and cut You should cut 3 pieces of cotton, 1 for the front and 2 for the back. For measurements, use the following cutting plane:
2. Place the clasp Ideally, the clasp should measure 5 cm less than the width of the cushion. Center the clasp, pin it right side to side and edge to edge with the Back B and stitch as close as possible to the teeth using the special zip presser foot. Repeat with Back A.

3. Form and sew the tab Preform a 1.5 cm wide rim with an iron by folding upside down on backside A. The edge must cover the zip once folded.
Topstitch the ledge by looking at the wrong side and stitching along the clasp, +/- 2 mm from the edge of it (topstitching A).
Then topstitch the tab thus formed at 1-2 mm from the edge to maintain the two thicknesses of actu: 739845 fabric together (topstitch B). It only remains to maintain the tab by overstitching between the first two topstitching, perpendicular to them and within +/- 5 cm from the edge (topstitching C).
Repeat a few points on the topstitch B, between the topstitch C and the edge of the cover and taking the thickness of the Back B (that's a lot of topstitching and a lot of letters all that). Your back is now finished 4. Apply piping Place the piping edge to edge on the front side. Notch at the corners to be able to turn more easily. To make a nice fitting.
5. Stitch the front on the back Place your back on the front right side. Do not forget to open the clasp, otherwise you will not be able to return. Then stitch as close as possible to the piping. Turn over, insert your cushion in the cover and admire your work.


If you then wish to personalize your cushion cover, you will find in these two tutorials how to personalize Personalize a cushion cover in the image of your faithful companion and personalize your cushion in the colors of the British flag Thanks to Lucie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your personalized cushions on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!