How to store my appliances in my small kitchen?

How to store my appliances in my small kitchen?

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In a small apartment, it is most often the size of the kitchen that counts. When it is small, quirky or cramped, it is not easy to integrate everything necessary for cooking, including household appliances. So where can you store your multi-function robot, toaster or kettle? How do you get all the modern equipment you need? The editorial gives you its tips so that your small kitchen has nothing to envy the larger.
Bosch built-in compact microwave oven,899 €

Small appliances

It is a basic principle. Who says small kitchen, obviously says small household appliances. Say goodbye to the superb toaster with six shiny red sandwiches that made your eye and opt for a pretty compact device instead. Likewise, be aware that there are compact dishwashers on the market, smaller than classic models, like the one at Bosch. Yes, small kitchen does not necessarily rhyme with dishes in hand! Last thing, opt for an oven that also makes microwave, preferably built-in. You will be able to make delicious small dishes and optimize the space for other storage.
Bosch compact dishwasher,429,99 €

Invest in clever furniture

For small kitchens, space saving solutions exist to store or even hide your appliances. For example, this clever retractable worktop with a storage part. In addition to saving space for cooking, you can store all electrical appliances for breakfast there.
Magnet retractable worktop

Our favorite, the special kitchen cabinet

Like a hidden kitchen in a small studio, there are large cupboards, specially created so that you can store all your kitchen equipment, appliances included. This one, built in a beautiful almost golden wood, will allow you to store both your dishes, your household appliances and your dry food in the same place.