What tools to effectively peel off my old wallpaper?

What tools to effectively peel off my old wallpaper?

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It's decided, you redo the decoration of the bedroom or the living room. But before you paint the walls in the color of your choice, you need to get rid of that old, drab, well-hung wallpaper. You do not know how ? Before you panic, be aware that solutions and tools exist to make your job easier. We present these solutions to you!

Specific products

All major DIY stores offer a wide choice of products specially designed to facilitate the removal of wallpaper. These specific products are used alone or diluted. They are applied using a spray or sponge. The role of these products is to dissolve wallpaper glue. To optimize their use, you must strictly follow the instructions for use. If we can give you some advice: use lukewarm water! Unlike cold water, lukewarm water will cause the product to act faster.

Steam strippers

Do you want to save time? Bet on the steam stripper. This device is magic, it allows you to peel off a strip of wallpaper in just a few minutes thanks to water vapor. Steam strippers can be purchased at any DIY store or rented. Be sure to read the manual before using the appliance. Vigilance is essential if you have plastered walls. They absorb moisture and too frequent or too prolonged use of a steam stripper can damage them. Prefer low pressure peelers or products designed to peel off wallpaper.

Elbow oil

Using a little elbow grease is a very old but rather effective method. It consists of doing everything yourself using your hands. If you don't want to spend hours and hours peeling off multiple strips of wallpaper, ask your family or friends for help. Even children can help you, and they will have fun!


You have to be honest, professionals are not a tool, but they can be of great help. Be aware that if you call on professionals for the installation of your future wall covering, the peeling of the wallpaper can be added to the services for a very competitive price or even offered. Ask for a quote, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Some guidelines to follow

No matter which method you choose to peel off the old wallpaper, there are a few guidelines to follow. For your safety and the safety of those who will assist you, clear the room. If your ceilings are high and you are using a ladder or stepladder, make sure you don't take any chances. Wear gloves, a mask and at the start of the work, cut the electricity in the room in which you work. If you have chosen to use a steam stripper, provide an electric extension cord.