How to properly level off the wallpaper?

How to properly level off the wallpaper?

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Answer: fold the wallpaper by marking the fold, cut using a cutter and a ruler and clean the traces of glue with a damp sponge.

The leveling consists in cutting the pieces of wallpaper which protrude on the floor or on the ceiling, after having pasted it on the wall. This task can be done simply using a pair of scissors or better still a cutter, even by novice DIYers. Provided of course that you have correctly pasted the wallpaper… Start by folding the wallpaper at the exact place where you need to make the cut, and mark the fold well so that it stays in place. The most difficult step is to follow the cutting line well, and not to slip the cutter. You can use a ruler to help you! Once it is done, take a damp sponge and immediately clean up the inevitable traces of glue before they dry. Our practical DIY videos