Install a library on the stairs

Install a library on the stairs

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The time has come to optimize space. So the habitat is more than aesthetic, it is also practical. Each little corner turns into useful space and this is the case with the staircase. Versatile, it transforms into a sumptuous library. From the staircase to the staircase, every square centimeter is important. To combine business with pleasure, here is how to organize a real cultural ascent at home against a backdrop of decor.

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Staircase: play the versatility

Each element of a staircase can be used for other purposes than a simple means of accessing the different levels of the dwelling. The steps become storage chests, the underside of the ramp, risers and supporting wall serve as libraries. This is a dream location where each work will find its place, exposed to all eyes and ready to be chosen to feed the occupants' thirst for knowledge, at any time of the day. Take advantage of the staircase to maximize the surface area of ​​the house, it is to put versatility at the service of everyone, at lower cost. And to best protect books from dust - which finds a favorite place on the stairs - the idea is to transform this original library into a showcase thanks to glass doors. Note that a library staircase is a relatively dark place, it is essential to use and abuse LED for its development. Both aesthetic and functional, the revamped staircase can become one of the key points of the home.

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Library staircase with reading corner

When you are lucky enough to have a staircase with landing, why not take advantage of this small platform to install a reading corner full of charm? To do this, it is better that its surface is sufficient to place a comfortable armchair, a rocking chair or a coiler and a tablet. Both decorative and judicious, the landing becomes something more than a simple passageway. Equipped with an adjustable light system for the evening reading session or a skylight for reading during the day, the library level allows many creative impulses to be expressed. And for a warm atmosphere, you can place a trendy carpet, both colorful and soft.

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A library on the stairs: small means for great effect

Extremely effective for decorating the staircase of the house, the bookcase to install yourself does not require large expenses. However, the result is spectacular in terms of decoration. Less DIY enthusiasts, however, should seek advice from a specialist. Only he will know if the staircase is capable of supporting this type of arrangement. Even if the task seems simple, it is still necessary to ensure the solidity of the installation. Decorating the staircase by adding a library is the moment chosen to rethink the marriage of colors but also the harmonization of materials, and in this area, the possibilities are numerous. A glass staircase will elegantly support an aluminum bookcase while a varnished wooden staircase will be beautifully equipped with a zinc library, a very trendy material. In a vintage atmosphere, the staircase can be equipped with plexiglass book shelves in bright colors. Finally, in a loft, the library will not stop at the limits of the stairs. It can continue on the surrounding wall of the mezzanine to give reading the dimension it deserves. The metal uprights and shelves will elegantly accentuate the urban character of a contemporary decor.

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