How to warm up your interior without redoing everything!

How to warm up your interior without redoing everything!

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In decoration, it's not just the temperatures that heat your interior. Summer and winter, but especially winter, it is nice to have a warm, friendly, welcoming interior where you enjoy spending time with family or friends. The Scandinavians have understood this well, it is the famous "hyggelig", an unpronounceable name in French which translates into the search for pleasure and the idea of ​​feeling good. There are many tips and tricks to warm the atmosphere of a room without having to redo everything. We will think first of colors , but the choice of Contents is also important. Finally, we will bet on small accessories that seem like nothing will change the atmosphere of a room.

Add color

To warm up the atmosphere of a room, color is undoubtedly an important element. We will bet on bright and warm colors if we want to revitalize its decor or on the contrary on light tones like pastels and neutral tones to soothe it. It is all about envy and reflection around the function of a room. Remember that it is the whole that will create a feeling of welfare . We must favor theharmony overflowing with colors. Decorative tip: To be sure not to be mistaken "on the color side", one of the solutions is to choose a slightly darkened shade. A lemon yellow, we prefer a mustard, apple green, a persimmon, etc.

The contrast of materials

The work around the materials is just as important as that of the colors. There are so-called hot materials , as the wood and the natural fibers , and others say cold as the floor tile where the glass . To warm up the decoration of a slightly cold room, it will suffice to add elements such as a small table in wood and steel or a comfortable seat in soft fabrics with rounded shapes. Good to know : Imitations of "wood", laminate and or lino parquet like vitrified parquet are "neutral" materials and will not warm the atmosphere. We will then bet on soft carpets: in addition to delimiting the living spaces, they will be very pleasant for your feet!


Selecting a set of small decorative accessories and arranging them harmoniously in the room can be a quick and easy way to warm it up. We will first think of textile elements such as Pleas where the cousins that we will have on a bed or on a sofa and that will invite you to curl up, but also to vases in which we will arrange some branches of foliage, and finally candlesticks . Candles with their pretty warm lights will always be an ally of our evenings. Decorative tips: Patterns also have the power to make any room warm: wallpaper, textiles, so don't be afraid to add a few touches without multiplying the patterns.

* * * * *

You will understand that it only takes a little to raise the ambiance of a room by a few degrees: a little color, harmony, so-called warm materials and contrast. This will involve adding a few small comfortable pieces of furniture made of natural materials and lots of accessories. For more decor tips, don't hesitate to visit Turbulences Déco, Clémence's blog.

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