I discover the home decor technique

I discover the home decor technique

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The art of "mixing" par excellence, which will delight all fans of creative hobbies "jack of all trades" ... Here are some explanations ...

What is home decor exactly?

Home decoration is in fact the art of making decorative paintings on canvas or on wood using many different creative leisure techniques (and therefore without needing to know how to paint especially!) there his great interest: the art of mixing! Mix of disciplines, therefore mix of materials, in short, mix according to your imagination and without limit. You will be able to paint as well as decoupage, use elements from scrapbooking or scrap material such as corrugated cardboard. Almost all your desires are allowed, as long as you arrive at a harmonious final rendering!

How to start well?

The main problem that home decoration poses for beginners is precisely its endless possibilities. Often we don't know where and how to start. So as in scrapbooking, to start well, it is better to try to define a fairly specific project. For this, nothing like a good sketch to arrange the various elements and define the techniques you want to use. Start with a theme and embroider around it.

With what material?

Do not buy everything, select your purchases according to the project you have in mind. Do not complicate your life and go on the most "traditionally" techniques used in home decor: a canvas on a frame not too large to start with, a base of acrylic paint as a background, patterns in napkin and embellishments in function of the thematic. In home decor, we like to give volume to the painting, so think of the wooden silhouettes, the mini-frames to stick on the canvas, the sequins, the cabochons ... Finally, the relief painting can allow pretty finishes. When you have better mastered this discipline, you can of course experiment with other materials and techniques such as structuring pastes which give relief to paintings or the use of mosaic tesserae for example.