What furniture to associate with the primary colors?

What furniture to associate with the primary colors?

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In decoration, the choice of colors is crucial. It is he who will, in part, create the atmosphere and consequently determine the type of furniture that will naturally find its place in the home. All styles are affected by this color rule: cozy, rustic, contemporary, design. This does not dispense with adding a touch of originality to better mark his personality. But in all cases, the primary colors are the key elements of a successful decor.

Primary, secondary and tertiary: the law of colors

Before making your choice of furniture and avoiding mistakes in taste, it is probably useful to look at the color agreements. First of all, the primary colors are those that do not come from any mixture. It is therefore red, yellow and blue. The mixture of two of them gives a secondary color. As for the tertiary color, it is obtained from a primary color and a secondary color. An example ? Red and blue give birth to purple (secondary color), blue and purple make it possible to obtain indigo (tertiary color). QED. This little revision is not useless when we plan to revamp its interior. In any case, it will avoid hazardous arrangements and mixtures which may harm the beauty of the furniture. Because indeed, it is inseparable from the ambient color.

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Designer furniture

If you opt for ultra colorful designer furniture, it is essential to somewhat neutralize the presence of the walls. The furniture will only be more valued. On the floor and the walls, a variation of gray, white and black or some metallic notes will moderate the red of the curtains, rugs and decorative elements strongly present. In this type of atmosphere, we can then focus on designer furniture, in orange plexiglass, chick yellow or even purple. Another possibility: put a few splashes of color to subtly punctuate the interior design. On a blue wall, designer furniture in purple color will not denote. We can also be more daring by opting for opposing colors. In this case, an anise green sofa can lean on a blue wall.

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Rustic furniture

To rediscover the atmosphere of mountain chalets, one should not encounter any major difficulty. The most common primary color in this type of decoration is undoubtedly red. It harmonizes wonderfully with rustic furniture, whatever the tone of the wood that composes it. The furniture can be dark wood, blond wood or even ceruse wood. A few touches of meadow green will find their place in this type of warm decor, thanks to objects to hunt around why not during a flea market.

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Stylish furniture

If the Louis XVI room inherited from the Trisaïeul cannot be relegated, it is still possible to give a modern touch to the room in which it reigns supreme. This style of furniture blends perfectly with blue, a primary color of great elegance. You have to be more daring to integrate Louis XVI furniture into a predominantly red room, but the result can pay off.

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