Sewing: learn the side stitch

Sewing: learn the side stitch

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The side stitch is used to make hems, especially those of curtains, as well as linings. Invisible from the front, this point is generally worked on the back of the actu: 739845 fabric. 1. Fold the actu: 739845 fabric so as to obtain a simple hem. Then tie a knot on the end of the thread. Stitch vertically into the news: 739845 main fabric near the hem, taking the minimum amount of thread, then bring out the needle a few millimeters below the edge of the hem.
2. Stitch the actu: 739845 main fabric a few centimeters to the right of the first point, taking as little thread as possible, then take out the needle under the edge of the actu: 739845 tissue.
3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to sew the rest of your hem, being careful not to tighten the stitches too much so that the hem does not roll.
4. At the end of your hem, stop the thread with two back stitches made one on top of the other.


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