How to successfully build your exterior staircase?

How to successfully build your exterior staircase?

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The construction of an external staircase is not to be taken lightly and the operation requires some technical skills. If you decide to get started without the help of a professional, here are some tips for successful construction of your staircase.

Design a plan

To succeed on a staircase, the preparation counts as much as the realization in itself because it is by carrying out the plans of this last that you will guarantee your success. First determine your need and the ideal location for your staircase. Then calculate the number of steps required, respecting a few rules that will offer you comfort and safety in use. Know that the ideal height of a step is between 15 and 18 cm. Also remember to take into account the size of the lap, that is to say the depth of the step. If you can, opt for steps with a significant depth, to create a staircase of greater width. For safety reasons, the tread depth should not be less than 24 cm.

Prepare the soil

To prepare the space which will receive the staircase, delimit the ground then unburden and evacuate the earth in order to create the foundations of your staircase. To facilitate the task, it is preferable to carry out these works in the summer season because the earth is then less heavy and the bad weather will not prevent the concrete from drying and will not delay your site.

The realization and the dressing

If you have opted for a staircase with pillars or have made a wooden staircase, you will simply have to seal them in the ground. To create your staircase, it is necessary to form the base using wooden planks. You will also have to reinforce the staircase with a wire mesh for example and set up the boards which will be used as risers. Then comes the concreting step to be carried out in two stages: first thick concrete then a second more liquid to fill the steps. Tip: plan a slope of about 1cm to avoid stagnation of water. The drying is then essential and will take approximately a week before you can open the stairs. At this time, you can either leave the staircase rough or consider covering it with a material such as wood, facing stones or even tiles.

The staircase solution in kit

To limit the work and avoid having to form and pour concrete, you can also choose to install a kit staircase, which has several modules, as Jouplast offers with its Modulesca product. It is a structure in fiberglass reinforced material that you can assemble, fill with gravel and dress to your liking. This solution requires a simple disbursement of the land, without heavy equipment. The Modulesca staircase will adapt itself to the slope by its modularity and with only a shovel, a screwdriver and a level, you simply adapt your installation, without complex calculation. It is therefore an easy and above all quick solution to create an outdoor staircase.