A cocoon room

A cocoon room

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It's winter, the dream opportunity to cocoon non-stop. Ideal place, the room is adorned with soft and warm materials. To you the variations of throws, cushions, headboard, lamp and other household linen which warm your interior.

Raw materials

For the chilly, one of the main trends of the season is the fake fur . Thick, soft and warm, it can be used in plaid during moments of reading and other TV poses or on a bed like a quilt (HIMA, SWEET TEXT, LUPO). Rather available in soft colors (ecru, beige, gray), it is part of the Scandinavian style very fashionable in decoration. Easy to maintain, this material takes on all aspects (fluffy, sheepskin) and even has patterns. Fans can play the full set with matching cushions.

Like in a chalet

Mountain lover? Why not bring the mountain atmosphere to your home. This season, we bring into his room lamps with wooden base (MOKUZAI) or imitation wood (GOUGE) enhanced with a clear lampshade. We dare the imitation padded headboard aged leather (CORK) and we abuse long pile carpets that are both comfortable and soft. A real invitation to relax your feet there before going to bed. In the bed, we multiply the presence of pillows and we overlays the duvets , bedspreads and other quilts. These come back in force giving a retro touch (MILLY). Here too soft and clear shades are our preference. They facilitate rest. No doubt, it's time to relax! And do not hesitate to take advantage of the expert advice of a specialized blogger to design and decorate your child's room!

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