Take out the trunks!

Take out the trunks!

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Formerly reserved for travel, then relegated to the attic, trunks are nowadays essential as a decoration! Varied shapes and materials, they bring character to our interior while combining style and practicality.

Trunks: trendy storage

The year is just beginning and your interior already needs a little storage. Books and magazines lying around, linens that you do not know what to do ... So put away these things that I can not see! By putting them in trunks of course ! Placed at the foot of the bed or strategically slid along the sofa, they know how to be discreet in your interior. These are storage spaces malignant and stylish , like these superb AMBER trunks which bring a touch trend to your room with their black and white Aztec patterns: graphic, chic and modern. Metal trunks for an industrial note, wicker for a chic country spirit, or wooden for a vintage touch, anything goes! You will understand, a trunk brings a current and ultra trendy side to your living room, your bedroom and even your bathroom.

Practical and decorative: the winning duo!

The trunks are also Ideal for small spaces with their 2 in 1 side: they can act as low table , from end table, from foot of the bed ! In a child's room, they are a perfect catch-all for hanging toys, books and stuffed animals! What about a teenager? These Vintage Star trunks will delight him with their 100% US urban style: he can also use them as booster seat when he receives his friends or even as a bedside table! Last advantage of these nomadic trunks: they are ultra mobile . You can move your things in the blink of an eye! No matter the style of your interior: classic or adventurer, the trunk adapts to any decor and will quickly become an essential additional storage. Why deprive yourself of it?

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