Play with colors!

Play with colors!

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Add colors yes, but not just any, anywhere. Give an identity to each room with the appropriate color: a kitchen spiced with red, a chic living room, a Zen bathroom ... Distill a bit of pep's in your interior!

Combine colors and color your interior!

To give a little cheer and style to your interior, nothing beats color! You can mix several in the same room, but be careful to use them sparingly. Choose colors that go well together, in short, that are complementary (blue and orange, yellow and purple…). The deco rule that works every time is tocombine two colors : a light and a dark, a pale and a bright… It can be a dark blue and a light blue, in camaieu , or gray walls accented with touches of bright colors in the furniture. Get inspired by our Alicryl cuisine , chic in gray, enhanced with a dynamic and friendly red. You can afford anything if you have a neutral shade in the room to soften the color combinations: gray, black, or wood (thanks to your furniture or on the floor with parquet). A doubt ? Take swatches to test the color associations , and paint samples to give you an idea of ​​the rendering on your walls in situation.

Create an atmosphere

Each color has its own language . She sets the tone and creates the atmosphere . In feng-shui red is the color of energy, of passion; the brown a return to the earth, to balance. Pink is an incentive for sweetness, kindness…

  • For a living room chic and cozy, opt for gray or taupe shades, enhanced with a more sparkling color (orange, turquoise).
  • A touch of blue, soothing color, symbol of return to calm, will carry your dreams in a bedroom .
  • Green, natural, anti-stress and zen will find its place in your bathroom , associated for example with pretty Danong wooden furniture, for a natural touch…
  • For a office ? A touch of yellow (inspiration, communication, cheerfulness) will be ideal. She will also give you a smile by welcoming you in an entrance hall.
  • Finally what better than beautiful white walls to illuminate your home Sweet Home , and soberly soften an interior?

Start smoothly

Are you a little afraid of getting started, of choosing the wrong colors or of getting bored quickly? A simple trick can help you: on the wall, choose a neutral paint (taupe, gray, white) and bet on a colored piece. A very colorful sofa like Elvis Turquoise or, for example, will allow you to energize your interior without taking risks since this touch of color is associated with a neutral interior atmosphere. And if you still dare not pass the course, you can always start with multicolored cushions to change according to your desires and trends, a mix and match of materials to play on contrasts ... Have fun! Above all, choose colors that you like and with which you see yourself living for long, colorful moments every day! And as Walt Disney said: "Dream your life in color, it's the secret of happiness!" (Peter Pan).

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