The mistakes to avoid when choosing your split air conditioning

The mistakes to avoid when choosing your split air conditioning

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Among the various air conditioning solutions, the split system ("separate" in English) appears to be one of the most comfortable proposals because it is efficient, requires little work and has a lower noise level than monobloc air conditioning. If you are seduced by these advantages, here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing your split air conditioning.

Mistake # 1: not differentiating between mobile and fixed split

If split air conditioning is in the form of two separate blocks, one to be installed inside and the other outside, there are still several categories. Indeed, you can opt for a mobile version with an indoor module on casters and a part to be installed outside, connected by a hose that goes through the window or other wall opening. Ideal as a backup solution, this system does not require any particular installation and will therefore meet your needs with the only drawback of taking up a little space; it will also be necessary to provide an opening to the outside. Note that there are also fixed split air conditioning systems where the interior and exterior are fixed to the wall. This solution therefore involves making a hole in the wall but offers greater comfort and greater efficiency.

Mistake # 2: only choose split air conditioning for summer

If the air conditioning mainly evokes the cooling of indoor air in summer, you can also use your split system during winter, opting for a reversible system. Thus, the process is reversed: instead of removing calories outside via the refrigerant, the air conditioning works like a heat pump with the outside. You thus opt for a sustainable system all year round, which also consumes little energy.

Mistake # 3: think that your split air conditioning can only cool a room

With a single module, split air conditioning is capable of cooling a room ranging from 10 to 30 m2. If your needs are greater and you want to cool several rooms, for example, this is possible thanks to the bi-split, ie an outdoor fixed unit and two indoor fixed units. Even more rooms to cool? The multisplit can cool up to six rooms on the same principle.

Error # 4: disregard the power of the device

Before choosing your device, whether fixed or mobile, be sure to examine the technical specifications according to your needs. Note that the higher the outside temperature, the more powerful your air conditioning will be: you will therefore have to choose a higher cooling capacity, expressed in watts. Also, remember to compare the dehumidification rate which is expressed in liters / day because the higher it is, the more you will get optimal indoor comfort.