6 mistakes to avoid with a sanitary toilet

6 mistakes to avoid with a sanitary toilet

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Error 1: throw everything and anything in the bowl of your sanibroyeur WC

First rule to remember if you install or move into a house equipped with a WC sanibroyeur : this type of equipment is not a conventional toilet! Indeed, the elements that end up in the bowl of a sanibroyeur must necessarily be crushed in order to be evacuated.

This is why it is strongly advised not to throw too thick or solid waste, such as feminine protections, diapers or even intimate wipes or others. It is also necessary to avoid placing a very large quantity of toilet paper in the bowl of a sanibroyeur WC or to throw the empty roller there.

Mistake 2: Using too strong detergents

The WC with sanibroyeur have an integrated shredder. However, it is quite fragile and the use of unsuitable maintenance products can block or even damage the mechanism. This is why for clean a sanibroyeur toilet, it is necessary to privilege the classic products and to read the instructions well to make sure that there are no contraindications.

Likewise, with certain rather thick cleaning products (cleaning gels, etc.), it is advisable to unplug the sanibroyer so that it does not start and the products have time to act.

Error 3: Connect the sanibroyeur to the rainwater pipes

The sanibroyeur has the advantage of being able to be connected to very small pipes such as a dishwasher or washing machine outlet for example. It is therefore imperative to be connected to the main sewer or to the septic tank of the house, but in no case should you connect a sanibroyeur WC to the rainwater pipes, because it could not work properly!

Mistake 4: Neglecting limestone

Limestone is one of the worst enemies of sanibrillers, because it tends to accumulate in the grinding system and affect the proper functioning of the machine. To prevent lime from getting the better of your sanibroyeur toilet, you must therefore treat the water each week with a specific anti-lime product.

Mistake 5: Do not seek expert advice

The sanibroyeur can be mounted almost anywhere in the house. However, in order to optimize its use and to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is highly recommended to seek professional advice. He will advise you on the choice of sanibroyeur WC ideal but also on assembly and daily maintenance.

Error 6: Do not ask for authorization

You may not know it, but the sanibroyeur toilet is an equipment which is not authorized everywhere. Indeed, know that if you are a tenant, you must imperatively ask the authorization to your owner beforeinstall a sanibroyeur in your home. The grinder toilet is also prohibited in new buildings and requires an opinion from the DDASS for old dwellings. However, requests remain accepted if no other solution is possible.

Good to know : sanibroyeurs are placed on the market and regulated using standard NF EN 12056.