How to give my kitchen a facelift with new linens

How to give my kitchen a facelift with new linens

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Linens can really change the mood of a room. If it is inevitable in the dining room or the bathroom, we often forget that it is also essential in the kitchen! To no longer have mismatched linens, to have easy access to them, and to warm your room, the editorial staff has found you clever decor ideas.

Opt for colored tea towels

To brighten up the room, colored tea towels are a good idea at a low price. Forget the old plain tea towels that you have had for years and buy new models with stripes or checks for example, with pop shades that will wake up your kitchen! And because they are too good to be hidden in a closet, enhance them by hanging them on the wall or by placing them on the handle of a kitchen drawer.

Store your accessories properly

If you use a tea towel, a pot holder or a glove every day, find them a place of choice easily accessible. Consider putting handles that will act as a towel rack for your kitchen items, or install dedicated bars inside your cupboards to optimize space.

Compartmentalize its storage

If you have shelves or hollow storage in your kitchen, they can quickly overflow, which is not very aesthetic! One tip is to better store your linens by creating compartments with baskets, baskets or boxes for example, to properly separate the tablecloths for special occasions and those of everyday, tea towels or small towels for hands.

A well-equipped console

Don't have enough space to store items in your kitchen? Forget the cupboards and cupboards that clutter up the space and prefer a two-in-one piece of furniture like this console, which will serve as both a worktop and storage for your dishes and your linens.

Another use of the kitchen

If you have a back kitchen that you use as a laundry room or if you have a relaxation corner in your room, enhance it with pretty linens on a bench or country laundry baskets next to your washing machine .

Harmonize your household linen

Finally, the key to harmonious linens in the kitchen is obviously to combine colors and patterns. Choose a tablecloth for your dining area that will go well with your dish towels but also with your apron. You will no longer have to blush when you receive your guests!