The mistakes to avoid when choosing your swing shutters

The mistakes to avoid when choosing your swing shutters

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Have you decided to install swing shutters in your home? To choose the best, first think of not skipping over 4 essential points. you list them to choose elegant, functional and durable swing shutters.

Mistake # 1: bet everything on aesthetics

If the aesthetics of your exterior will depend in part on the choice of your shutters and that it is an important criterion, do not forget that these are also and perhaps above all useful to protect you from offenses, looks, light, cold and heat. Betting only on pretty shutters can turn out to be a losing choice: wear too fast, poor adaptation to the climate, lack of practicality in everyday life… So many disadvantages that may make you regret your choice and which must be anticipated. To choose the right shutters, remember to prioritize your expectations (brightness, insulation, budget, maintenance) while taking into account the constraints related to your home. The models offered for sale are numerous, but you can already determine the appropriate basic model: solid (to obscure and isolate), louvers (to ventilate and let in a little light) or to third blades (to ventilate while preserving privacy). Then choose the color of your shutters according to your constraints, the color of your windows and the harmony with your facade ... and not simply according to your taste of the moment! Do not hesitate to take inspiration from local architecture to enhance your home by anchoring it in the regional landscape with typical shutters.

Mistake # 2: skipping the rules

If you live in a condominium, be careful not to embark on any work before consulting its regulations. The installation of shutters changes the exterior appearance of the facade and can therefore be subject to a vote by the GA. Their shape, color and type may be imposed and in this case you will have no other choice than to comply with them (or to make a request which must be submitted to a vote to be accepted). Finally, be aware that installing shutters sometimes requires prior work authorization. Check with your municipality to find out your obligations before you start choosing your components. If the region is classified or protected, you may be required to respect a certain type of shutters or even to comply with a pre-established color for all the dwellings in the neighborhood.

Mistake # 3: disregarding table size and window spacing

The shutters, if they have the advantage of adapting to most windows, still require some details. Be careful to measure the size of your table (ie the outer frame) and not that of your window, especially if it evolves in the shape of a "V". If your windows are too close to each other, you risk an unsightly effect when the shutters are open (or even worse, they overlap!). So do not hesitate to consider several solutions: sometimes, it is better to install a leaf a little larger on a window than two leaves.

Mistake # 4: Do not compare the types of materials offered

Please note, the material and the quality of the shutter (and therefore often its price) must be carefully studied before selection. Indeed, we will not use the same materials for the same needs. Fir wood is very economical (from 100 € or less) and the exotic wood models vary from 150 to 450 €, more expensive because more resistant. The aluminum models vary between 200 and 400 euros but will be resistant and durable. Finally, the less aesthetic PVC models, on the other hand, are an economical and durable solution (from € 100).


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