Brandt's new dryers

Brandt's new dryers

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The Brandt brand is launching a new line of tumble dryers, which includes two models adapted to everyone's needs. Depending on the location of your device and the area of ​​the room in which it is installed, you will have the choice between the Top model and the Front model. Each of them also has many features and options, to be taken into account depending on your use and the number of people in your household.

The space-saving dryer

This Top model opens on top, so as not to clutter up the space of your kitchen or bathroom. Choose this type of device if your room is narrow. With 45 cm wide, it fits perfectly between two devices or in a corner.
If you think its small size limits its capacities, think again! This dryer labeled "Origine France Garantie" can hold up to six kilos of clothing. Regarding the schedule, you can choose a delayed start (3, 6 or 9 hours). Thanks to its Optydry drying, it will dry your clothes optimally without consuming too much energy. Price: 679 euros.

Revolutionary clothes drying

The Front model of the brand opens with a porthole on the front, which allows you to take out the laundry directly in front of the device. It is equipped with a heat pump, which recycles hot air from the drum to save energy. In terms of functionality, you can program a 24-hour delay start, store your most used programs and special programs for all types of textiles.
To make your life easier, this dryer has lighting in the drum (which can hold up to eight kilos of clothes) in order to better sort your clothes and find the items that must be removed from the appliance if you have to do a spin for example. Finally, the humidity control throughout the cycle automatically adjusts the temperature and the drying time. Price: 799 euros.
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