Our advice for putting a glass roof in your kitchen

Our advice for putting a glass roof in your kitchen

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Determine the location of your future glass roof in the kitchen

Before you start the work, ask yourself the right questions about the configuration of your kitchen and the location of the load-bearing walls. Then, it remains to know the type of canopy that you want to install. If the canopy is a good solution to enlarge a room without knocking down existing partitions, it cannot replace a load-bearing wall! If this is your case, the installation of an IPN (metal beam) above the canopy is essential. Another important point: the brightness. Your future glass roof must above all let the light circulate between the kitchen and the adjoining room. It is therefore important to determine its location according to the nearest light source in order to avoid a kitchen that is too dark.

Installing your glass roof in the kitchen, a matter for professionals?

It is difficult to install your canopy yourself without calling a professional. The installation of such an element proves to be quite technical, especially if it is necessary to have recourse to masonry to create a base in bricks or plasterboard. Remember to protect your canopy well before installation with an anti-rust varnish and a layer of special steel paint. Once the wall has been cut, the frame must first be installed, then the panes and finally the braces. The installation of the glass is a crucial step because it must be installed through a glazing bead system, and not glued. If the configuration allows it, you can attach a workshop style door to your canopy to reinforce the loft aspect!

What if you installed a ready-to-install canopy, or removable partition, in the kitchen?

DIY enthusiasts can choose the "ready-to-install" canopy solution, presented in the form of a removable partition. This architectural element has the advantage of being very affordable in terms of price, in addition to being easy to install, unlike a conventional wall canopy. Two types exist which are distinguished by their fixing system: the partition on jacks and the partition on rails. The first is undoubtedly the easiest to install thanks to its 4 cylinders which fix the partition by pressure, without having to drill the floor or the ceiling (an ideal solution for tenants!). The fixing on sliding rail is based on the same principle as a dressing door which opens and closes laterally, using rails fixed to the ceiling. Unlike cylinder partitions, this solution allows you to open and close your partition as you wish. No need to be an experienced handyman to install the rails, which are fixed using a simple drill, a spirit level and a screwdriver!


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