The accessories for successful pancakes

The accessories for successful pancakes

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A smooth and creamy pancake batter is not enough for successful pancakes. A tasty candlestick also goes through practical and well-designed accessories, which take place in the kitchen or directly at the table with the guests. From the ceramic crepe maker to the shaker, via the wooden spatula, discover what are the essentials of a memorable pancake party!

Frying pan or pancake machine?

If you do not have a real cast iron pancake stand, also called Bilig, do not panic. Traditional pancake pans (recognizable by their edges that are much shorter than those of a traditional pan) do their job perfectly ... not to mention the pleasure of popping pancakes in front of the guests! Cast iron or ceramic, whatever. The most important thing remains the choice of a beautiful flat surface associated with a high cooking temperature: the two keys to successful and tasty pancakes! The electric crepe maker also remains an interesting alternative, especially if you are a follower and use it often during the year. Unlike the traditional pan, each guest manages the cooking of their pancakes, which prevents the master or the hostess from staying behind the stove during the meal. Only drawback, this user-friendly device is quite bulky in a kitchen cupboard and requires a minimum of space to be stored.

The accessories to prepare and make your pancakes

Whether you have a Breton bilig, a frying pan or an electric crepe maker, it is advisable to associate certain accessories which will come to assist you in the realization of your recipes. To pour the dough, a shaker or a ladle are essential and remain very accessible in terms of price. Once the dough is poured, use a squeegee (also called Rozell in Breton) which will help you smooth the dough on your crêpe pan, as well as a wooden or silicone spatula to turn your pancakes without risking damaging your support. Between two pancakes, do not hesitate to clean your appliance with a special pad or a gnon, a kind of rolled and tied cloth traditionally used to grease the plate. With all these utensils at your side, you are ready for a tasty candlestick!
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