Tutorial: a geometric shape with paper straws

Tutorial: a geometric shape with paper straws

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Do you remember those little magnetic sticks with which we built (with more or less success) objects in primary school? Today, we are going back to childhood by building a three-dimensional geometric shape, but this time ... with paper straws! In addition to being fun, this tutorial teaches you how to make a graphic and design object that will decorate your interior.


- paper straws - thread - a nail or needle - scissors to cut the thread Budget: around 10 €


1. Start by passing the wire through three straws. Iron the wire through the first straw and tighten the assembly. Tip: use a nail or needle to pass the thread through the straws.
2. Then insert the wire through two new straws, then close the new triangle by ironing in the straw located right next to the last straw in which you have just passed the wire.
3. Continue as in the previous step, passing the thread successively through two straws, then through the nearby straw until you get 4 triangles. Remember to tighten the assembly well with each new triangle made.
4. Pass the thread through the straw located opposite the previous exit point, then add a tenth straw. Then insert the wire into the second straw located just near the last added straw. Pull the thread to tighten the work and give it volume as in the photo.
5. Iron the thread through one of the straws from the top of the work and add two new straws. Then pass the wire through the straw constituting the base of the triangle thus formed.
6. Insert the wire into the next straw forming a base, then add two new straws.
7. Iron the thread through the triangle straw made in step 5, then add one last straw and pass the thread through the adjacent straw.
8. Pull on the wire to give your structure extra volume.
9. In the same way as before, create an additional triangle by adding two straws. Slightly tuck the center of the shape inward, then connect the tip of the triangle with the main shape using a straw.
10. Lift the point you have just connected with the new straw in order to obtain the same shape as in the photo.
11. Consolidate the structure by adding three straws forming a triangle at the base of the work.


Pretty simple, right? You can put the geometric shape on a piece of furniture, fix it to the wall or even hang it from the ceiling for an original decoration. You can also paint it with a spray paint to match your decor.

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