5 grandmother's tips for cleaning your hob

5 grandmother's tips for cleaning your hob

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There are many ways to clean a cooktop. But today, we decided to focus on the tips of our grandmothers. The latter only used ecological products through magic recipes. Want to discover them? Here are 5 grandma's tips for cleaning a baking sheet.

Baking soda to clean your baking sheet

Baking soda is a natural detergent and a powerful degreaser. It is therefore perfect for splashes of fat. To clean your baking sheets with baking soda, simply sprinkle a damp sponge, clean the baking sheets, rinse them and then dry them with a dry cloth.

Black soap for impeccable cooking plates

Black soap has many virtues. It is stain remover, degreaser and cleaner. One of its main advantages is that we can dose it according to the level of dirt. To use black soap to clean your baking sheets, put a small amount on a damp sponge, clean the sheets, rinse them and dry them with a dry cloth.

White vinegar to clean your baking sheet

White vinegar helps to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Just spray it on the plates, leave to act for a few minutes then rub, rinse and dry.

Clay for impeccable baking sheets

For the maintenance of the house and especially of the kitchen, clay is a great asset. It is found in the form of clay stone or white stone. To benefit from its advantages, you must soak a clay sponge, rub the plate, rinse and wipe it.

To avoid scratching the hob, avoid the sponge scraper

To avoid scratching the cooking plates, the scraper of the sponge should be banned. Prefer a wooden spatula that will preserve your appliances.


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