What light fixture for his dining room?

What light fixture for his dining room?

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Distribute the lighting well in the room

The dining room is a very specific room that stands out for its long format and layout. It must be well lit, if possible by several light sources, so as not to leave any area in the dark.

In a modern interior, the dining room is often integrated into the living room or the kitchen, for the sake of saving space and optimizing space. It is therefore necessary to think about the lighting of this room by taking into account all the elements of the room.

The ideal combination consists of combining general lighting (floor lamp or ceiling lamp, if possible fitted with a dimmer) with a pendant lamp or lamp placed above the table. Be aware, however, that a sufficiently powerful chandelier can perfectly serve as your main lighting. Then you just need to complete it with one or more more discreet light sources.

Whatever the luminaire chosen, prefer bulbs between 60 and 75W with warm light. This promotes a friendly atmosphere; the light will be much less aggressive than white light.

Highlight the table

It is important to choose your dining room lights according to your furniture, and especially your dining table.

  • A round or square table: lighting should be central and well proportioned. A circular luminaire or a set of small pendant lights are particularly suitable for a round table.
  • A rectangular table: a long slender suspension or a series of several suspensions enhance this type of table.

If the electrical outlet is already present above your table, opt for a chandelier or a nice pendant lamp that will light up the entire dining area.

You can also choose to simply light the centerpiece by bringing your light closer to it. However, keep in mind that the ideal distance between your table and the light should be approximately 90 centimeters, at the risk of having a poor quality of light.

Another decorative possibility, the association of several suspensions aligned or arranged in a cluster: the rendering is not only graphic, but this solution offers the advantage of harmonious and perfectly diffused lighting. However, be careful not to make the mistake of choosing a light that is disproportionate or off-center with respect to your table, which would spoil the expected effect.

If your dining room does not have an electrical system to accommodate a ceiling light, the "arc" type lamp will be your best ally for table lighting! With its XXL format and its spectacular curve, it offers a diffusing light ideal for taking meals.

Keep in mind that your lights must be in the same style as the decoration of your dining room.

Multiply light sources

In order to benefit from harmoniously distributed lighting, the ideal solution is to combine your table lighting with other, softer side lights, to play on the atmosphere.

It is important not to neglect the lighting of the other pieces of furniture present in the room (sideboard, dresser, row, etc.) by concentrating all the light above the dining area. This lighting system would result in an unsuitable "game table" effect!

So bet on a pair of sconces fixed above a sideboard or a row, or on a floor lamp positioned in the corner of the room. You can also install table lamps on top of a low sideboard.

For a cocooning atmosphere, install a few candle jars on the table. This will create a dim light, particularly suitable for a romantic dinner. A garland of light placed on a sideboard or framing a window may also be suitable.

By choosing your dining room lights carefully, you will have the assurance of a perfectly lit dining area!


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