D-7: Natacha packs her gifts

D-7: Natacha packs her gifts

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Natacha barely had time to finalize her Christmas presents for her in-laws - who seems to be very friendly, the lucky one! - here it is again, for a task that is not the easiest: to make gift packs - without the children seeing it! As much as I love giving gifts to everyone, their packaging sometimes tends to cause me a real problem. Even several big concerns, even. Already, an organizational problem.
Because sometimes, after the checkouts of the stores, there are so many queues that I give up having them made on site, for lack of time, or simply because I bought them on the Internet, I end up with a dozen gifts to wrap.
Where it gets tougher is that obviously I have to do this discreetly, without the children noticing. And the child, during party time, quickly becomes a kind of ninja who arrives in your room without making any noise, surprising you in the middle of unrolling scotch tape, the mountain of toys placed on the bed. Almost as embarrassing as being caught in the middle of a gym session with my dad…
The safest solution is to do this once everyone is asleep AND asleep, taking care not to do that the night you slept the youngest, realizing that he had anyway a big cold or the big one that complained of the belly, under penalty of seeing one tumble down in the living room at midnight and a half, asking us if it is already Christmas, say so, it passed quickly finally! This point, however, is only a very small part of the problem of gift wrapping.
Because yes, they MUST be packed, and if possible, good. Not being gifted with my ten fingers, I am very deprived when we go beyond the stage of the basic gift in a square box (come on, rectangular, it also works). Sometimes I manage to pretend, by packing, at random, a doll, in a shoe box. HOP! Here's a nice easy rectangular package!
All the same, what was best invented for people with foam fingers, like me, are the gift bags, which deserve only a piece of tape and bolduc to curl on them. Perfection therefore exists, sometimes ... And when this is not the case, the gifts look like this:
Did you like Natacha's adventures? Share the photos of your gift packages with us on Instagram! And don't forget to play our great Advent contest: today, you can try to win a De'Longhi espresso pump machine! S8281252W650 N


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