Build a log house using the art of logging

Build a log house using the art of logging

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The art of the log makes it possible to build a house using wooden logs. Thanks to this still too rare process, each house is unique and perfectly meets the needs of the owner. The log houses are also economical and ecological. To find out more about the art of logging and the construction of log houses, we got in touch with Sébastien Salles, craftsman of the logging company and responsible for CSC Construction, a company based in Corrèze.

The log technique explained

At CSC Construction, each dwelling is unique, but all of the constructions are manufactured in Corrèze and then assembled at the client's. Sébastien Salles and his team offer handmade constructions whose quality is no longer to be proven. The houses are built using a technique, the log, which has existed since the 10th century BC. According to the art of the log, it is necessary that all the wooden logs are adjusted relative to each other and especially over the entire length. Thus, tightness and solidity are ensured.

: What is your background ?

Sébastien Salles : I did a DUT in Civil Engineering but I learned the technique of logging on the job notably thanks to other professionals. For example, I had the opportunity to do internships with Thierry Houdart, a recognized fustier and author of several books on the art of fuste.

: What are the advantages of a log house?

Sébastien Salles : Log houses are particularly economical in terms of energy and actively fight against global warming. These homes are ideal for ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants. Their insulation is excellent and the temperature always optimal. The log houses are also a durable and resistant habitat. Personally, I'm based in Brive la Gaillarde and I only work with wood from my region.

: What is the cost of a log house?

Sébastien Salles : As with any construction, it depends on the finish. For the walls and the frame, it is necessary to count 700 € / m². For a turnkey home, complete finish, it takes 1200 € / m². The prices are similar to conventional homes but we are on a very high quality product. On the energy side, the charges are lower. For example, a 240 m² log house costs around € 600 a year. It should be noted that all the heaters can be installed in this type of accommodation.

: How to proceed if one wishes to acquire such a house?

Sébastien Salles : Well you must contact me! I exercise throughout France! As I work with architects, I am able to support each project. The houses I offer are unique and customizable. They adapt to the terrain that hosts it. No specific authorization is necessary, a building permit is sufficient as for a conventional construction. For more information: CSC Construction Gare d'Aubazine 19560 St-Hilaire-Peyroux 06 73 53 66 98 [email protected]