In Mariel's kitchen from the Where on Earth? Blog

In Mariel's kitchen from the Where on Earth? Blog

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Mariel, alias Marie-Laure, moved to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. On her blog, Where on Earth?, She tells her readers about her travels, but also her everyday life, surrounded by her husband - a former rugby player - and her children. She also brings her view on the culture and the media of the country as well as that of the New Zealanders on the French. For, she agreed to let us discover her cuisine!

Laudry room: the peculiarity of the country

New Zealand cuisines are designed in American fashion. In other words, there is often an open kitchen, which has a main room fully equipped and a second room called the laudry room (which is behind the door in the photo). Dedicated in general to washing machine and ironing in the United States, it is another use in New Zealand. It is a back kitchen, the door of which often opens onto a garden, which is the case for Mariel's house. Here it is quite small but all the houses in the country have one, which contains a second sink. It is mainly used to store appliances or to have an additional refrigerator for example.
In her back kitchen, Mariel has a bread machine, which she defines as her French touch! Thanks to this device, she makes her homemade bread but also makes baguettes, but also brioche, pains au lait or croissants. In New Zealand, there is mainly sandwich bread, the other types of bread being quite expensive. The blogger also has a rice cooker, which is quite common in the country because there is a fairly large Asian community.

Various inspirations on the plate

According to Mariel, traditional New Zealand cuisine is mainly based on lamb and is very similar to English cuisine. There is, for example, a typical dish: lamb mint-sauce, so with mint! You can also taste traditional Maori dishes, such as hangi, recipes from the Pacific Islands, or even derivatives of several Asian cuisines. A joyful culinary melting pot!
The cookie jar placed on the worktop is in the shape of a pukeko, a colorful New Zealand bird. It is not a typical object of the country but it often contains candies, cookies or shortbread which very resemble those which one eats in England, which one calls the shortbread. As far as pastry specialties are concerned, lollie cake (made with candy) and lamingtons are the most widely sold.

Control the electricity

The great feature of New Zealand cuisines? The plugs ! incredible but true, the standard in force specifies that each outlet must have a switch above. To save energy, it is advisable to close them every night or to close unused sockets. But, as Mariel puts it so well, it's sometimes a trap because by plugging in your laptop, you can end up with an uncharged phone!

Enjoy a barbecue with friends

The barbecue is the essential appliance for any house in the country! As in the United States, the barbecue is often installed in the garden and can operate all year round, summer and winter. Chez Mariel, it is on wheels so that it can be moved easily. Unlike in France, when you receive guests, it is not for a sit-down dinner but rather around grilling on a barbecue!