10 lamps for less than 50 euros for my living room

10 lamps for less than 50 euros for my living room

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The living room is the essential room in a home, probably the one where you spend the most time during the day! Reading, television, relaxation, receiving friends and family ... The activities that take place there are very varied, and require flawless lighting. It is therefore essential to multiply the light sources, which must be intense without being direct and too powerful. To help you choose the ideal lamp, we have selected 10 models with impeccable design for less than 50 euros. Indulge !

Multiply light sources

The living room is the ultimate living room. It is warm and friendly without being over-lit, otherwise it will lose its cozy and hushed appearance. This is the reason why it is necessary to duplicate the lighting so that it gives an impression of well-being in this intimate and reception room. Central lighting is not necessarily necessary, unlike the kitchen, the bathroom or even the dining room. On the other hand, do not hesitate to set up several light points, arranged according to the configuration of the room but also to the different poles of activity (television, reception, reading, etc.).

Adapted lighting

Choose your lamp according to its role in the living room. For reading near an armchair or sofa, opt for a reading lamp with tilting head, such as a desk lamp. If you want to watch TV, a soft, diffused light is essential so as not to damage your eyes. Take care that it is not reflected on the screen, which could become annoying after a while. For the general atmosphere, bet on one or more floor lamps placed in different parts of the room and opt for lamps to be placed near the sofa and the coffee table
1. Swan lamp € 36.90 Alinéa / 2. Honey lamp € 49 Habitat / 3. Daisy lamp € 32.99 Conrad / 4. Bobby lamp € 29 Habitat / 5. Hema lamp € 35 3 Swiss / 6. Saint Jouan lamp € 39.99 Maisons du Monde / 7. Pianosa lamp € 42.95 Castorama / 8. Sinnerlig lamp € 45 Ikea / 9. Bolajy lamp € 12.99 Conforama / 10. Bell lamp € 39.99 Alinéa