Before / After: open a kitchen on the living room to rebalance the volumes

Before / After: open a kitchen on the living room to rebalance the volumes

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A kitchen open to the living room, functional, friendly, contemporary and bathed in light? The customers of this small kitchen dreamed of it, the Architect Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and the interior designer Valérie Laporte-Volatier of the brilliant agency Les Murs ont des ears did it. Discovery in pictures! Area :5.7 m² Budget: 13,000 euros

Open up the kitchen

Before: From the outset of the first sketches, the agency's objective was to rethink the kitchen area and the living room to rebalance the volumes and bring coherent unity to the whole. A partition was knocked down, opening the kitchen to the living room. After: Successful bet ! The open plan kitchen, the spatial amplitude has been improved allowing free movement of owners in each of the spaces. Airy and bright, this kitchen has it all!

Separate the kitchen from the living room

Before: With the wall down, it was then a question of imagining a kitchen arrangement allowing the kitchen to be separated from the living room, while maintaining the connection between the two spaces. In addition, it was essential that each of the spaces could retain its function and identity. After: In response to this problem, the 100% female team of the agency Les murs ont des ears had the idea of ​​creating a dining area, here represented by an island. Designed in Corian, this creates a coherence and a decorative harmony. Clever and practical, the layout also made it possible to clearly mark the spaces. The island becomes, depending on the needs, a simple preparation area or bar and meal area.

Mix standart and custom furniture

Before: Not very functional and narrow, difficult to realize the real potential of this kitchen as the space is poorly laid out and the decoration gone. After: Successful facelift for this modern kitchen with soft tones. For the vitamin and to make it more trendy, the trick was to mix standard and made-to-measure furniture: IKEA kitchen furniture, worktop and credenza made to measure in Corian, shelves and formwork above the MDF furniture… as much of solutions found which made this well thought out kitchen practical and functional. Note also the linear columns composed of an integrated refrigerator and storage, hidden behind the TV cabinet which gives the illusion of a custom-made piece of furniture. Charlotte Soissons Lenormand and Valérie Laporte-Volatier, The walls have ears