Easy indoor plants, special for beginners

Easy indoor plants, special for beginners

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Some plants are so resistant that it is not necessary to have a green thumb to create a natural space at home. Some are not very greedy in water, others enjoy themselves in dark rooms, others finally bloom in winter without special care. Jules de Vilmorin tells us all about these ultra-resistant plants. He also tells us about these funny plants that live without soil, very trendy and ideal for neophytes in gardening.

: Which plants are not very greedy in watering?

Jules: If you never know when to water your indoor plants, or if you are afraid of not being able to provide sufficient but not excessive watering, you might as well choose plants that are content with little care. Cacti, succulents and succulents will not disappoint you. This is the type of indoor plant that is particularly suitable for people who are often absent or who forget to water. Among the resistant plants, there is also chlorophytum and misery also called ephemeral.

: How to green a dimly lit room?

Jules: Lack of light affects many indoor plant species. For example, kalanchoé does not consume much water but does not like dark places. On the other hand, among the indestructible plants which delight in these dimly lit places, I recommend chlorophytum with variegated leaves and which multiplies easily. The heart chain or ceropegia woodii with silver-colored leaves brings a decorative note to a poorly lit house. Finally, variegated ivy and spathiphyllum or false arum can be grown in rooms where there is little light.

: I want easy houseplants that bloom in winter

Jules: Opt for kalanchoe. This succulent plant needs regular watering especially during the flowering period, from February to April, but hates excess water. Book him a sunny and bright place. Guzmania is a tropical plant ideal for both wet and hot bathrooms. Each plant produces a large orange, yellow or red flower that can last up to three months. Among the succulents, the drooping schlumbergera is covered with flowers from November to January.

: Do you recommend soilless plants for beginners?

Jules: These easy houseplants are among the favorites of beginners. They are epiphytic plants. They don't need a pot or soil. They can be laid or fixed on slate or any other rock, a pebble, cork, wood. It is decorative and original. This is the case for many plants in the bromeliad family. There are hundreds of species of tillandsias that are both hardy and ornamental and do not need to be planted in the ground to work wonders. Good light and a humid atmosphere are enough for them.