A Sushi Party with Brandt's rice cooker

A Sushi Party with Brandt's rice cooker

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Sushi, maki ... These small rice-based bites are now rooted in French consumption habits. Brandt invites Japan to his table with this new "culinary aid" with a traditional design. The red and black hues are reminiscent of Japanese lacquers and a delicate cherry blossom motif adorns the cooker. The editorial staff tells you more about this new sushi kit.
Put your phone down and become a master in the art of sushi and make your own sushi yourself during dinners with friends. This cooker consists of several elements essential to a good Japanese meal. The success of your sushi will depend in particular on the quality of the ingredients but also on the cooking of the rice. This device makes it possible to obtain a perfect consistency, while preventing the grains from becoming pasty. The kit offers you many accessories. The cooker, of course, which can cook up to 800 g of rice. But also, molds to create your sushi, maki, futomakis. A bamboo mat to make hosomakis or uramakis. And finally, a measuring bowl and a spatula. In order to excel in the field of sushi and become a real pro with various ideas, a recipe book is included in the kit. Simple, original and clever recipes to taste these delights of Japanese cuisine at home! This "Sushi Party" kit sells for 60 euros. Organize, now, more economical dinners than if you order! Rice cooker for "Sushi Party"


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