The vegetable crusher

The vegetable crusher

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Vegetable shredders are very easy to use machines that reduce the amount of plants by grinding them. These take up less space and are more easily transportable to the recycling center. What are the different models of plant shredders? How to choose ? Here are a few tips !

The different models of plant shredder

Among the different types of vegetable shredders, there is the blade-holder disc mill. This model is inspired by food processors since, using a blade, it cuts waste in order to reduce it to pieces. It is the ideal model for small gardens. On the other hand, the model does not perform well on wet waste and bulky waste such as branches.

The rotor mill is a perfect model for those whose green waste consists mainly of medium-sized branches. Although its use is limited, the rotor mill is very efficient and above all very practical because in the event of jamming, it is enough to reverse the direction of rotation of the rotor.

The turbine crusher is very close to the rotor mill. This is the recommended model if you have a very large garden, long hedges or fruit trees. It is the most elaborate model intended for individuals.

Finally, the thermal engine shredder is a device intended for professionals. However, individuals who have a very large garden can equip it. These shredders are expensive but their lifespan is important and their performances as high as constant.

Select the power of the plant shredder according to its use

The power of a plant shredder depends in particular on the diameter of the branches to be cut, but also on the type of grinding and the cutting system. The larger the branches to be cut, the more you need to have a powerful plant shredder. This will avoid having a problem with the machine jamming.

  • Branches with a diameter of less than 35mm: choose an electric grinder with a blade-holder tray with a power of 2000 to 2200 watts.
  • Branches with a diameter between 38 and 45mm: choose an electric rotor or turbine grinder with a power of 2200 to 2500 watts.
  • Branches with a diameter greater than 50mm: choose a thermal grinder with a power of more than 3300 watts.

Options available on plant shredders

Editing, an essential step

It is not uncommon for a plant shredder to be assembled before its first use. It is imperative to follow the assembly instructions carefully and to ensure that each step has been observed. Mount a grinder requires time and adequate tools. Before you start gardening, make sure you are available and equipped.

Some safety instructions

The editorial board

A vegetable shredder is a robust and therefore expensive machine. It can be advantageous to buy a second-hand model or to share the investment with your neighborhood.