How to organize the shared kitchen?

How to organize the shared kitchen?

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For a roommate to go well, many elements must be taken into account. The choice of the apartment is obviously important, the compatibility of the inhabitants of the home and the respect of the other also. But so that all its conditions are not met in vain, it is crucial to organize the common rooms correctly. The kitchen, for example, must be thought out so that everyone can feel at home. Here are some rules to follow.

A kitchen of suitable size

In the case of a shared apartment, a simple student kitchenette is not enough. Whenever possible, choose an apartment or a house that has a kitchen large enough for all the roommates to be able to stay in at the same time, which avoids traffic jams, especially at breakfast time. lunch when everyone is in a hurry. As in the picture, 8m2 may be sufficient.

Everyone has their own space

It is important to arrange a maximum of storage in the kitchen. Everyone must be able to have a cupboard to store dry food, canned food, cereals and other foods that cannot be stored in the refrigerator. For everyone to find their way around, it can be decreed that the overhead storage is intended for food and those on the floor are reserved for common objects. METOD wall cabinet, Ikéa, € 164

Enough dishes and utensils for everyone

It goes without saying, it is necessary to have enough dishes so that each member of the roommate can take their meals without having to wash the dishes of the previous one. The same goes for all that is kitchen utensils: two hens and a pan will not be enough. So plan enough plates, cups and cutlery for everyone to find their account. Do not panic, it is quite possible to find everything you need at reasonable prices and the costs can be shared between the members of the shared accommodation. Plates from Maisons du Monde, from € 33.54 for 6
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Don't skimp on appliances

As much as possible, don't settle for a small fridge, a microwave and two hotplates, even if the apartment is only two people. Ideally, opt for a large refrigerator with a freezer, a large oven and four hotplates. And above all, don't forget the dishwasher which will avoid tension and arguments if, for example, one of you forgets that it's your turn to do the dishes. These investments will make life in the community easier, especially if you find yourself preparing meals for several at the same time. If the kitchen is not well enough equipped at the start and you do not have the means to improve it, put in place simple rules that will ensure that everything goes smoothly.
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Enforce simple rules of life

Respect others. If there was only one colocation rule to remember, this would be it. A few very simple principles follow from this. In a shared apartment, and this is particularly true in the case of a kitchen, it is important to keep the common areas clean. Everyone must therefore remember to clean up after themselves, not to leave their belongings lying around. If, for example, you take a fried egg for breakfast, don't forget to clean your pan, put the used fat in its place and put your dirty plate in the dishwasher. If everyone applies this rule, everything will be fine. For more information, Auchan, Ikea, Maisons du monde.