Frame: what you need to know about frame renovation

Frame: what you need to know about frame renovation

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Design convertible attic space, raise the roof or simply modernize the roof… for all these operations, you will have to embark on renovations to your frame. Find more articles on the theme: Structural work quotes

Renovate a wooden frame

Several reasons make renovation work on a wooden frame necessary: ​​- Damage due to bad weather; - A degradation linked to attacks by parasites, such as insects or fungi; - Wood wear. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can take different actions. For example, if the beams have lost all their charm and have no shine, sand them to give them a natural appearance. As for weakened or gnawed wood, you can consider a metal hoop, in order to strengthen the structure. You also have the option of replacing the damaged part, starting with a pickling, followed by a burning of the part, in order to remove the worm-eaten elements.

Renovate an old frame

Before starting the renovation work, it is advisable to inquire in order to know the age of the frame. Indeed, the methods of construction of the frames vary over the generations. It is therefore important to follow certain instructions, in order to preserve the charm and the quality of the frame. Renovating an old frame implies that we keep its original appearance. It is therefore not recommended to apply modern techniques. In addition, it is essential to respect the means of fixing, like mortises, ankles, tenons ... Finally, it will be necessary to determine whether the frame should be renovated partially or entirely.

Renovating a metal frame

Metal frames generally do not require complex maintenance, since steel is a durable material. However, over the years, a few gestures of maintenance will be necessary. It is indeed recommended to brush the metal surface, to clean it with a soft product, to carry out a light sanding if necessary, and to apply a new layer of protective paint. If you notice deformations, do not hesitate to put bracing, in order to reinforce the stability of the structure. You can also consider installing braces to maintain the spacing of the ties.

The frequency of renovation of a frame

In general, the frames must be checked and renovated if necessary, once every 20 or 30 years. You can ask for advice from a craftsman or a carpenter, especially if you have an old frame. However, if it is a minor renovation, you have the option of doing the work yourself. Depending on the condition of the frame, it will be necessary to carry out: - A water-repellent treatment, to remove moisture from the beams; - A fungicide treatment, to eliminate xylophagous insects and termites; - A treatment to eliminate any fungi; - A replacement of any damaged parts.