Before / After: Bring in natural light through a small open kitchen

Before / After: Bring in natural light through a small open kitchen

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The owners wanted to save more space in their apartment, and especially to arrange an open kitchen to recover the light. If the apartment is 110 square meters, the space to create this new kitchen was quite small. The SKconcept team, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, has redoubled its inventiveness to radically modernize the room. Follow the guide ! Area: Small open kitchen of 18 m² Budget: 45 000 € HT for the works and the fitting out of the kitchen

A small open kitchen to light up the apartment

Before: The apartment had not been renovated in over 30 years. Sévérine Kalensky, of SKconcept, redesigned all the rooms in the house including the kitchen, which was impractical and not equipped. Everything had to be thought of to be in harmony with the Haussmann style of this Parisian apartment. The will of the owners? Convert the space into "open space" and get more natural light in the entrance and the kitchen, but also have more storage.
After: The architect's idea? Open everything! In other words, open up the apartment. The old parquet floors have been kept between the entrance and the kitchen, and tiling has been laid. Each space has been reworked with false ceilings. On the lighting side, recessed LED spotlights and indirect lighting integrated under the tall units were installed.

A dining area integrated into the kitchen to save space

Before: The owners did not want to install a dining room in their living room. However, they wanted to have small and colorful storage. The kitchen being located at the entrance of the apartment, we had to think about a system that could be sufficiently aesthetic and welcoming.
After: This small kitchen has been equipped with a dining area, with comfortable storage modules. The furniture in this dining area for four people is in perfect harmony with that of the kitchen and the entrance. The glossy lacquered white was chosen for its brightness.
The little extra: the absence of handles which allows a timeless style! For storage, orange-colored niches with Hermès branding have been designed. A chandelier was placed above the table to give an impression of space and bring out the orange hue.

The difficulty of the site: the place of the kitchen

Before: The space between the entrance, the kitchen, the toilet and the corridor was only 18.77 square meters, with an entrance door and a single window! A constraint to take into account in the creation of the open kitchen.
The entrance was a very dark hallway, while the kitchen was closed, too small, and the gas boiler (supplying the whole apartment with hot water and heating) was visible. It was imperative to hide it in the renovation project.
After: The new kitchen cabinets include the boiler, ovens and fridge / freezer. The worktops, made of quartz, have been custom-made in a U-shape, for more ergonomics. The wall credenzas located above the worktops are in ral / orange Hermès lacquered glass to match the dining area.
A door that opened into a bedroom was closed to provide more space in the new kitchen layout. A separation wall with a glass roof was created, which allows more daylight to enter.
In this passage, small cupboards allow more storage. As some load-bearing walls cannot be broken, the existing toilets have been reduced to leave more space for the entrance cupboards.
Severine Kalensky, SKconcept - TOTAL HOME DESIGN