Step by step: Make lavender water

Step by step: Make lavender water

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How about keeping the odors of your garden in a bottle for a while in order to prolong the pleasure of these summer fragrances that filled you with happiness? This is what we offer you in this practical sheet. Unlike a classic lavender water which uses essential oils and a lot of alcohol in order to dilute them, it is a question here of making a "light" and "cheap" version of this lavender water which you will keep for only a few months . For those who have a fine nose, this lavender water will diffuse its subtle fragrance without aggressiveness unlike many commercial products. Due to its neutral and organic nature, it is ideal for scenting laundry and can even be used on the skin. The main difficulty is to obtain a little ethyl alcohol (ethanol), that is to say, neutral and pure. Today, alcohol at 90 ° in pharmacies contains an additive (often based on camphor) which modifies the smell and makes it unfit for consumption (prevention against alcoholism). Likewise, methylated spirits from large areas contain very odorous methanol which will not be suitable for this use. However, for very small quantities, you can convince your pharmacist to sell you a few milliliters of undenatured alcohol for the production of a perfume. Otherwise, some use unscented vodka, which has no odor or color, then you will have to double the dose of alcohol in your mixture. Difficulty : easy Cost : 1.5 € (30ml of alcohol in pharmacies) Tools required : - Lavender sprigs, - 30ml of ethyl alcohol (neutral and not denatured), - Hermetic bottle (s), - One or more labels, - Saucepan, tea towel, coffee maker, scissors.

Step 1: Heat water

Fill the pan (about 1 liter of water) and add the heads of the lavender sprigs to it.

Step 2: Bring to the boil

Boil the preparation for a few minutes. Optionally, cover with a lid to keep the amount of liquid or remove it to reduce the amount of water and increase the odor power.

Step 3: Let it brew

Leave to infuse for an hour, covering the pan with a cloth.

Step 4: Filter the preparation

Filter the preparation by pouring the contents of the pan into the coffee filter. Clean your coffee maker beforehand to avoid mixing aromas. You can also, more simply, use a clean cloth to filter your preparation.

Step 5: Add alcohol to the flower infusion

Add the alcohol: 30ml will suffice. Alcohol is only used here to increase the shelf life of lavender water and to suggest a slight freshness. This is why it is only useful in very small quantities in our preparation, far from the level of more professional perfumes where the proportion of alcohol is around 80% of the liquid volume.

Step 6: Perform the bottling

Mix the content well ...
… And pour the potion into your bottles.

Step 7: Fill in the label!

To avoid confusing it with orange blossom or ether (blue bottle), don't forget to stick a nice label on it.
No need to wait to use it, treat yourself!