How to choose the right wine cellar?

How to choose the right wine cellar?

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Wine is a living product that should be kept with maximum care. Temperature, light, humidity ... are all parameters to take into account to age your bottles in the rules of the art! The cellar is the essential place to help your wine flourish and improve over time, the ideal being to store it in a room in the basement. If your home does not have a suitable place, an electric wine cellar is ideal. In order to help you choose from the hundreds of existing models, we called on Philippe Rodriguez, founder of the site Created in 2007, the hexagonal e-shop specializes in the conservation of wine in all its forms: from aging to presentation, service or accessories, the bottles are kept optimally, and their content remains always at the right temperature. Beyond the sale, the online store offers a real advisory service to its customers: a wine cellar is a thoughtful purchase, which sometimes requires to be pointed in the right direction!

What are the different types of cellars on the market?

There are three kinds of cellars: those dedicated to aging (mono-temperature cellars), which keep the bottles at a constant temperature of 12 ° C; the so-called "service" cellars which allow the bottles to be brought to the right temperature before tasting (between 6 ° C and 12 ° C for white wines and champagne, and between 15 ° C and 18 ° C for red wine) ; and finally the multi-use cellars, with a compartment dedicated to aging and a second for service. All these cellars are available in built-in or free-standing models.

What questions should you ask yourself before choosing a wine cellar?

First of all, you need to know what use you want to make from your wine cellar ... Do you only need to age your bottles? Do we want to warm them up before drinking them? How many bottles do you open a year? The frequency of consumption is a very important criterion! Second point to take into account: the number of bottles you want to store. The latter will determine the capacity of the wine cellar and where to install it. The aesthetics should not be neglected either if the cellar is placed in the living room or in a living room. Manufacturers today offer many models with a very worked design, with a large choice of colors and materials (wood, stainless steel, etc.). Another size criterion, the budget! Prices vary between 300 and 55,000 euros, which offers everyone the opportunity to find a model that suits their purse. Finally, it is possible to choose different options depending on the model and brand: glass or full door, energy class, lock ... there are many variations!