Before / After: Simplify the lines to purify the bathroom

Before / After: Simplify the lines to purify the bathroom

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Like the kitchen, the bathroom often requires a total renovation when it has been poorly maintained for several years. This is the case with this Haussmann apartment located in the heart of the capital, in which serious updating was required. The owners called on the Camille Hermand agency to reinvent the different spaces and rethink the configuration of their bathroom. The Parisian decorator, who actively participates in the design, layout and construction of many private homes, has shaken up the codes of the classic bathroom here. With its clean lines and minimalist look, the piece has been given a facelift in a few weeks to the delight of its users!

Contemporary and structured decoration

Before : The former owners had misused the surface of their main bathroom: the arrangement of the various sanitary elements left a large empty space in the center of the room, to the detriment of the furniture intended for storage. The configuration of the toilet space, with its misplaced toilets and its unused bidet, made it impossible to create an independent shower. The faulty insulation was also a major problem, as the window allowed the cold to penetrate widely during the winter season. In terms of decoration, the room did not really commit to relaxation ... Cold and old-fashioned with its obsolete tiling, it was totally lacking in style ... A total facelift was essential!
After : After studying the configuration of the premises, the architect in charge of the project was able to identify the essential points to modify: - The upgrading of the insulation and the electrical circuit - The arrangement of the sanitary elements, including the removal of the bidet and the installation of a walk-in shower - The total revision of the decor style, with the addition of a very refined contemporary note
The bathtub, formerly located to the right of the room when entering, is now placed under the window. This new configuration makes it possible to exploit a space previously left vacant and offers the possibility of installing a beautiful walk-in shower. The latter was chosen in black tones and offers all the comfort of a home spa! Rest bench, massage jets, designer taps ... The Camille Hermand agency has imagined a sober and luxurious space.
The new bathtub fits harmoniously into the made-to-measure vanity unit, forming a set with very clean lines: there is no longer any loss of space, and the owners can finally put away their toiletries! The slightly pinkish cream color contrasts perfectly with the anthracite tones of the floor and the shower. The bathroom is gaining in style and functionality! //