Habitat unveils its first range of espresso coffee

Habitat unveils its first range of espresso coffee

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Habitat is a pioneering brand in terms of furniture, decoration and interior design. To renew itself and bring even more comfort to its customers, it now offers to deliver your coffee to your home! The brand has partnered with Him, L'Espresso to introduce you to an authentic Italian coffee, made using a designer coffee machine, available in all Habitat stores.

A caffeinated collaboration!

Habitat had the brilliant idea of ​​partnering with one of the coffee references, Aziende Riunite Caffè, as well as with the Italian brand Termozeta. The result is Him, Espresso. Behind this poetic name hides an exceptional, fragrant and tasty coffee. This brand new range of coffee is produced in aluminum-free capsules, which are compatible with specific, innovative and modern coffee machines, available in several colors in all Habitat stores from the start of the school year! Other devices designed by the interior design brand are expected during 2016.

An exceptional grand cru at a low price

You can now enjoy an authentic Italian espresso at home. What make your taste buds travel! The price is very affordable since a coffee costs you 0.27 euros *! If you want to recreate a little corner of Italy in your living room, you will need to subscribe to the new Habitat service. Then it's very simple! Place an order on the brand's website, and receive your sun-drenched capsules directly at home, or in store, if you prefer to come and collect your package. Depending on your consumption, Habitat adapts to your needs and places orders for you every month! Regarding the machine, it is offered for any new 24-month subscription. Life is not beautiful!
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