How to arrange an alcove in a room?

How to arrange an alcove in a room?

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Do you have an alcove in one of your bedrooms? Rejoice! The development possibilities are as numerous as they are varied. Whether it serves as a headboard, storage or decorative element, you can take full advantage of the alcove to enhance your bedroom and especially to personalize it. How to arrange an alcove in a room? Here are some ideas.

The alcove, a unique headboard

Whether custom or typical of mansions, your alcove may be the width of your bed. In this case, it stands out as a separate headboard that you can customize with shelves or light fixtures. Depending on the depth of the alcove, you will be able to create niches which will receive pretty lamps, sometimes classic, sometimes contemporary. On the shelves, the clock radio, books and magazines find their place very easily.

When the alcove shelters the bed

In the bedroom of parents, teenagers, children and even babies, the alcove can contain the bed which becomes a real little nest. A space dedicated to relaxation, the alcove is then dressed in light and neutral colors and can be separated from the rest of the room thanks to a curtain or sheer. In the children's room, the alcove transforms into a cabin, a fortified castle or a magical castle. Use your imagination!

An alcove to enhance your furniture

An alcove can also accommodate one or more pieces of furniture to enhance them. It can for example house two vintage armchairs and a pedestal table an antique chest of drawers, a design or contemporary piece of furniture and even a work of art. In the alcove of your bedroom, you can create a library, install your desk, a dressing room or even a bathroom corner. Young parents can install baby in the alcove of their bedroom to give them a space of their own while remaining present.