How to install a shower in your garden?

How to install a shower in your garden?

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When summer is scorching, all you dream of sitting in your garden is being able to take a good refreshing shower. Whether or not you have a swimming pool, a garden shower can be very useful and pleasant. But which model to choose? How to connect it to the water in your house? Are they easy to install? Grégory Herbaut, dedicated product manager at Castorama, answers all our questions.

What are the different models of garden showers?

There are a good number of garden showers on the market. At Castorama, we have decided to democratize this type of product and sell only easy to install. All our models are fairly affordable and easy to install, because they do not require the intervention of a plumber. We could divide the different models into two categories: those that allow you to take a real hot shower, the solar showers from the Blooma brand (from 54 to 300 euros), and those that directly distribute the water from your garden hose like Gardena or Claber showers. These are less expensive (from 21.50 euros).

What is the point of solar showers?

It is precisely to be able to take a hot shower. Blooma showers actually have a more or less large water tank (from 8 to 35 liters) which heats up thanks to the sun. You just need to install your shower in a sunny spot in the garden to heat the water it contains. If the water in the shower is too hot, the internal mechanism allows, through a mixer, to add cold water. A real shower like in a bathroom. A function not found with tankless showers. It is however possible to have room temperature water with Claber or Gardena showers by leaving the hose unrolled some time before shower time. The choice of model really depends on the need and means of each.

Are garden showers difficult to install?

All our garden showers have been designed to be installed without the help of a professional. Blooma showers should simply be placed on a flat, sunny surface and screwed to the floor to ensure stability after the water tank is filled. Just connect a garden hose to it. Gardena and Claber showers are mobile since they have no tank. They can be placed and moved anywhere in the garden, as long as they can be connected to the garden hose. The models of the Gardena brand are simply planted in the ground and those of the Claber brand are mounted on a tripod.