Tutorial: a plant hanging in a ceramic teapot

Tutorial: a plant hanging in a ceramic teapot

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When you want to give your interior a facelift, it is wise to start by rummaging through your closets. But to be able to find the rare pearl, it is advisable to prepare to consider the objects beyond their usual function. If we are particularly fond of diverted objects, it is because they allow us to transform a usual object into a piece of character. Today we will learn how to transform a teapot into a unique hanging plant.


- ceramic teapot - a 200 cm leather strap - adhesive tape - wire - wire cutters - a small plant Budget: around 15 € Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by cutting a 10 cm piece of wire and attach it to one end of the leather strap with a piece of tape. Our tip: this achievement can also be very successful with a cotton cord.
2. Pass the piece of wire attached to the strap through the outside of the spout. This technique allows easy passage through the filtration holes.
3. Remove the piece of tape and make a cross with the piece of wire. Hang the leather strap on the cross by making a knot.
4. Hang the other end of the strap on the handle of the teapot by making a knot.
5. Insert a plant and hang everything.


And here it is, a pretty plant hanging in a rather original pot! This object gives a little "Alice in Wonderland" style to your interior, don't you think? You can use several suspensions of this type to create an original separation between two spaces.
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