How to arrange a student room?

How to arrange a student room?

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A student bedroom, however small it may be, can be strategically arranged. When you have to leave the parental cocoon and move into your first home, you would like to immediately feel good in your new home. Here are some tips to start your new life.

The choice of furniture

In a limited space, the choice of furniture is important. You must first think about the use that you will make of it. Furniture with a double function is to be preferred to be able to play on the convertible side: sofa bed or BZ, folding table, bar furniture ... If you are lucky enough to have a mezzanine, use the significant space below where you can organize an office area.

Make good use of the height of the walls

In a small space, square meters are important, but cubic meters are too! A few shelves will be welcome to optimize the storage space. Also think of a few storage boxes above the cupboards. The wall stickers will bring you a trendy and personal touch. Of all sizes and for all prices they will allow you to create an illusion. If the wallpaper is a bit "moldy" or the paint is worn, play on the perspective by hanging photo frames or putting three photos in a column. A large white or uniform wall could accommodate a large picture framed wonderfully!

Furnish your room for little

The trend is to recuperate, but you have to be careful with the space that a grandmother's furniture can take! To develop at lower cost, it is better to turn to second-hand furniture. A very common practice in student cities: the recovery of furniture. Generally, tenants change accommodation in mid-summer. If you move in, the previous tenant can offer you their old furniture! There is also abandoned furniture in the street, it is not uncommon to find furniture in good condition on the sidewalks in summer. You can also call on Emmaus. The association collects old furniture and stores it on its premises. So you can find furniture at very affordable prices.