A facelift in my teenager's room for less than 200 euros

A facelift in my teenager's room for less than 200 euros

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How does your teenager get tired of the little puppies frieze in his room? How does he want more privacy and a decor that looks like him? Even if it is hard to accept, your child is growing up and is now part of the adolescent age. Not the easiest age, huh. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you tidy up your bedroom… And above all, so that your little boy's room becomes a teenager's room without leaving your vacation budget there, here is what you can do for less 200 euros…

Review the paint: around 50 euros for 3 liters

We have already mentioned the teenager's dismay at his tapestry of small cars. However, he was a fan of it until not too long ago ... A little elbow grease to take off this tapestry and to repaint the walls. What colors should you choose for your teenager's room? The simplest is neutral and restful colors. Your teenager can personalize their walls by hanging posters of their favorite rock bands. Dulux Valentine thus offers a trio: Spring water, Secret garden and Tendrement vert which we like very much!

Lay vinyl on the floor: from 4.99 euros per m², or 49 euros for 10 m²

Even if it means changing the paint on the walls, why not review the floor in your teen's bedroom? We remove the old, slightly aging carpet and install vinyl flooring. Simple to install, easy to live with and super trendy! At Saint-Maclou, there are, for example, these Easytrend Premium Tile brushed metal clip-on vinyl tiles (35.99 euros per m²) for a loft atmosphere that will appeal to your teenager.

Put messages on the walls: 19.99 euros

The walls have their say! What if you hung a lettered wall decoration in your teenager's room? Neon letters like those proposed by Seletti to write inspiring things or words that make you smile like here at Maisons du monde.

Change your bed linen: 29.95 euros per set

We repack the small forest animals bed set and choose graphic and colorful bed linen for our favorite teenager! We really like this set from Ikea at very low prices…

Install coat hooks: 12.80 euros each

What if you installed coat hooks? So that he can hang his things on the way back from high school rather than casually throwing them on his bed ... This pretty and colorful model from Pa Design will find thanks to his eyes.