Garden lights, from lantern to tealight

Garden lights, from lantern to tealight

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Mistakes in taste are rare in the lighting of the garden. The only advice to remember is not to accumulate too many light sources and to preserve the play of shadows and light.

Torches, lanterns, spotlights, garlands…

To set the scene, use torches or lanterns on stems for a tribal or more contemporary atmosphere! Also think of the recessed and adjustable spots. You can thus direct the light towards a tree or a massif. For a festive atmosphere, get light garlands or outdoor candle jars.

Solar, ecological and aesthetic lighting

On the table, think of the nomadic lamps. Rechargeable and very practical, they can be placed anywhere and benefit from an autonomy of several hours. Finally, think of solar lighting combining ecological and aesthetic aspects since it is wireless.
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