A high pressure cleaner to clean the floors

A high pressure cleaner to clean the floors

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With sunny days, many of you want to give a new glow to your terraces. The high pressure cleaner is therefore a good solution for cleaning everything in a jiffy. Here are some details before you get started.

A high pressure cleaner: ideal for hard surfaces

First of all, you should know that if we now use the word "Kärcher" as a common name, it is actually the name of its inventor which has become commonplace. The high pressure cleaner was indeed invented by Alfred Kärcher in 1950. The kärcher allows water to be sprayed under pressure at high speed in order to remove dirt from hard surfaces. Combined with hot water and detergent, its performance is formidable.

Which pressure to choose?

To choose your pressure washer, you must first think about the use for which it is intended. You can indeed use it for your car, pipes, garden furniture, facades and terraces. It is the use that will determine the pressure required. To clean a terrace, it is recommended to choose a pressure of 120 bar minimum with a flow rate of 400 l / h for a small terrace and 600 l / h minimum for a large terrace.
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