Advice from an insurance expert for a safe trip

Advice from an insurance expert for a safe trip

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Are you going on vacation soon? Do you want to protect your home? Your insurer can help you. Indeed, like a very large majority of French people, you have home insurance. This protects you on a daily basis but also during your absence. To allow you to leave safely, we have contacted the Matmut. Cécile, an insurance expert, answered our questions and gave us valuable advice.

How to secure your home before departure?

Whether you leave for a week, a month or 24 hours, it is imperative to secure your accommodation. At Matmut, as with all insurers, we ask that the doors, windows, shutters and all other openings be closed. Do not hesitate to notify the gendarmerie of your absence. Often she organizes rounds to check the homes of vacationers. You can also notify your neighbors of your absence and give them your contact details. Also ask them to empty your mailbox and collect your mail!

Is it better to pretend a presence?

No. It is not the right option. If you leave a shutter open and if a crime is committed, your insurer can oppose compensation. To find out more about the terms, you can refer to the General Terms and Conditions of your contract, in the "Theft" tab.

What to do with our second car?

If you have a second car, it is best to put it in the garage. Thus it will be protected from natural events such as vandalism.

What to do in the event of an offense?

In case of burglary, vandalism or other event, it is imperative to make an inventory. List stolen goods, broken goods and acts of vandalism. If you can, identify the area of ​​offense. Then go to the gendarmerie or the police station to file a complaint and then file a claim with your insurer. Warning ! This declaration must be made within 5 days. An estimate of the damage is then made. An expert can intervene if necessary.

Is video surveillance a good option?

Opting for remote monitoring is a great option. It is a service that we offer. The device has proven itself since equipped homes are 4 times less likely to be burgled. If you are equipped, you also benefit from an exemption from theft deductible which amounts to 140 euros with us.

Do you have any other advice?

Yes. To optimize compensation, remember to keep your invoices. You can also take a photo of your interior. These elements help a lot in the event of a disaster.